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Welcome to the ARC Linux wiki - your source for all things related to running linux on DesignWare ARC Processors!
This site provides general instructions and how-to guides for building/running/debugging ARC Linux, some kernel internals information and miscellaneous tips and tricks related to ARC Linux (among other things).


This repository is strictly being used to maintain older kernels supporting specific Synopsys Development Systems and Prototyping Kits using ARC Processors.

ARC Licensees and users of ARC-based ICs looking for ARC linux sources should download the desired kernel version from Support for the ARC architecture is present and being maintained on since release 3.18 for ARC700 Family of Processors and release 4.2 for ARC HS38 Family of Processors.

Asking Questions and Reporting Issues with ARC Linux

  • linux-snps-arc is the public mailing list for ARC Linux related discussions, questions, submitting patches
  • You could also open a github issue

Building ARC Linux

Running ARC Linux on Various Supported Platforms

Kernel Internals

Tips and Tricks