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SMD update of the freeDSP CLASSIC.

LICENCE: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license


The freeDSP is an open-source digital signal processor family for the do-it-yourself community. The applications range from active loudspeaker concepts (digital crossovers, bass enhancement, ...) and room equalization over advanced musical effect processors to car audio signal processing.

This freeDSP Classic SMD-B is a updated SMD version of the original freeDSP Classic with a few improvements/changes. This board has been designed using the Cross-Platform Open Source Tool KiCad.

More informations kann be found on the freeDSP website

You can find a PDF version of the schematic in the SOURCES folder (freeDSP_Classic_SMD.pdf)


FreeDSP Website


Google Doc

FreeDSP Guidelines

Git usage

How to setup local repository

  • Change to your FreeDSP directory
  • Clone the repository (including submodule)
    git clone --recursive
  • Change to the newly created Classic-SMD-B directory
  • Checkout a branch for the library submodule, if you want to modify it as well git submodule foreach 'git checkout 'master''
  • Open the project file in KiCad

How to update the local copy

  • To update the project
    git pull
  • To update the library
    git submodule update --remote --merge

To commit and push local changes

  • If you modified something in the LIBRARY folder, change to the LIBRARY folder and run
    git add . (Only required if files were added)
    git commit -am "Message" (Describe what you changed)
  • Change to the project root directory and run git add . (Only required if files were added)
    git commit -am "Message" (Describe what you changed)
  • In the project directory run
    git push --recurse-submodule=on-demand

Define alias to make things shorter

  • In the project directory run git config alias.supdate 'submodule update --remote --merge'
    git config alias.spush 'push --recurse-submodules=on-demand'
  • Afterwards you can use git supdate to update the submodule and git spush to push any commited changes

Other useful commands

  • git status
    Shows general information about the current branch, uncommited changes, not yet added new files and more
  • git diff
    Shows uncommited changes
  • git reset --hard origin/master Reset all files to the current status of the dev-hs-01 branch on the Github repository
    Careful This deletes all local changes, so make sure all changes you made and you do not want to delete are pushed to the remote repository