⌨️ Apple's missing KeyboardLayoutGuide
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⌨️ KeyboardLayoutGuide

Apple's missing KeyboardLayoutGuide

Language: Swift 4 Platform: iOS 9+ Carthage compatible CocoaPods compatible Build Status codebeat badge License: MIT GitHub tag

  • No Subclassing / Protocol inheritance / obscure overrides
  • No more keyboard notification handling
  • UIKit Friendly
  • Takes safeArea into account
  • Only animates if view is fully on screen

How to use it

Simply constrain your views to the KeyboardLayoutGuide's top anchor the way you would do natively:

override func viewDidLoad() {

    // Pin your button to the keyboard
    button.bottomAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.keyboardLayoutGuide.topAnchor).isActive = true

Bonus: if you're using Stevia, this gets even more concise \o/

button.Bottom == view.keyboardLayoutGuide.Top

If you add your view in Interface Builder, don't forget to enable the "Remove at build time" checkbox for the bottom constraint:



To install KeyboardLayoutGuide via CocoaPods, add the following line to your Podfile:

target 'MyAppName' do
  pod 'Keyboard+LayoutGuide'


To install KeyboardLayoutGuide via Carthage, add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "freshos/KeyboardLayoutGuide"


Just add Keyboard+LayoutGuide.swift to your Xcode project.


KeyboardLayoutGuide is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.