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Monitoring Django Projects with Rollbar monitor-django-apps
First Steps with GitPython first-steps-gitpython
DevOps, Thank You Maintainers and Contributing to Open Source No code in post.
DevOps, Continuous Delivery... and You No code in post.
PyDev of the Week, Django 2.0 and Twilio Voices No code in post.
PyCon US 2018 CFP, Python Bytes and Pelican No code in post.
How to Monitor Python Web Applications monitor-python-bottle-apps
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Creating Bar Chart Visuals with Bokeh, Bottle and Python 3 bar-charts-bokeh-bottle-python-3
How to Add Hosted Monitoring to Flask Web Applications monitor-flask-apps
How to Create Your First Static Site with Pelican and Jinja2 generating-static-websites-pelican-jinja2-markdown
Responsive Bar Charts with Bokeh, Flask and Python 3 bar-charts-bokeh-flask-python-3
How to Become A Successful Self-Taught Software Developer No code in post.
How to Create Your First Python 3.6 AWS Lambda Function aws-lambda-python-3-6
Getting Started with AWS Lambda & Python 2.7 aws-lambda-python-2-7
How to Choose the Right DevOps Tools for You and Your Team No code in post.
Creating SSH Keys on macOS Sierra No code in post.
Creating SSH Keys on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS No code in post.
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