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Python OS 6


This project is no longer being actively developed. Its successor project is Polaron, a more dynamic UI package useful for a wider array of applications.

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Python OS 6 is the ultimate interface for touch-enabled microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi. It offers a complete interface replacement, an application management and distribution system, and a UI toolkit for creating event-driven apps in Python.

The stable version OS currently supports a 240x320 display, while the development version supports any screen size.

Key features include:

  • Application stack with support for threading, suspend, and app switch.
  • UI components that include scrolling and dialogs.
  • Event-driven callback programming that mixes the best of Python and Javascript.
  • Color themes and icons that help you make beautiful, polished apps.
  • Easy persistent storage.

##Donate to Python OS Support the development of this platform by making a donation in any amount. You may choose to enter your name (or username) on the donation screen and it will be added to the About app. Thank you!

##Get Started ###As a User

Simply download Python OS either on your computer (with Python and Pygame installed), or flash the disk image for your Pi (coming soon).

###As a Developer

Download and try out Python OS first.

Now, let's write a simple "Hello World" app.

Start by creating a folder titled "helloworld" under apps/.

In that folder, make two files, an and an app.json.

The app.json file will contain:

	"name": "helloworld",
	"title": "Hello World",
	"author": "Your_Name",
	"version": 1.0,
	"more": {
		"onStart": "hello"

The file will contain:

import pyos

def hello(state, app):
	app.ui.addChild(pyos.GUI.Text((5, 5), "Hello World!"))
  • Now, enter the About app and long press the "Start State Shell" button to launch the Debug App Bind feature.
  • Open your app's folder, then press the green dot button to select it and associate the app with the system.


A touchscreen interface, library, and app platform for Python and Raspberry Pi.







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