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@ghman_bot is a Telegram bot to work with Github notifications. Bot can notify you on new notification, user can view new unread notifications, put comments by replying to Telegram messages, mark notifications as read, close tickets, merge PRs, etc. To start working you don't need to create GitHub auth tokens manually, the bot is configured as GitHub application and it redirects user to GitHub OAuth page to request permissions on first interraction.


To start using the bot, just start talking with @ghman_bot via Telegram, the bot will ask you to authorize via Github using OAuth2, on Github OAuth page you will be asked to grant access to your notifications. After authorization you may start to use Telegram commands:

  • /notifications - to list all unread threads, you can click any thread to see new (unread) messages in the ticket or PR. When you reply to Telegram message with a thread (from /notifications) you're posting a comment to thread source (issue or PR), so you're responding to a message right in Telegram bot.


If you're interested in contributing, you need to have an account in Zerocracy and read this document:

If want to submit a bug read this and this.

To propose some changes you need to be assigned as a performer (DEV role) to some ticket. Then you have:

  1. Fork the repo, clone it locally
  2. Switch to branch for your issue, write a code, make sure it's building with mvn clean install -Pqulice command
  3. Submit a pull request, check that CI passed, fix errors if not passed
  4. Wait for code review, fix or discuss reviewer comments
  5. Wait for architect to merge (architect may ask additional changes)
  6. After merge to master ask issue author to close the ticket

To build and run tests locally you need >=jdk-8 and >=maven-3.*

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