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My dotfiles (.vimrc, .zshrc, etc.)
VimL Shell Ruby
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bin Explain when `gcl git clone` might happen
git-template Only have one git template directory
helpful-tips Ensure ZSH tips are on their own lines
irbrc.d Remove unused irb configuration
system Save screenshots to ~/Desktop/screenshots
terminal-themes Update terminal theme
vim :Rmodel is now :Emodel, etc in rails.vim
zsh alias drake=rake
.gitignore Create backups in vim
Brewfile rbenv-gem-rehash is part of rbenv now Check out the rcplugins directory
agignore ag should ignore .keep files
ctags Extend custom Ruby ctags (via @georgebrock)
curlrc Did you know there's a .curlrc?!
default-gems Install fzf by default
editrc editrc
gemrc Use --no-document to make purpose clearer
ghci Enable multi-line mode in GHCi
gitconfig It's called hub now
gitignore Don't gitignore .ruby-version
haskeline haskeline settings
inputrc tmux, don't ever convert <Enter> to ^M again. Disable non-sandbox cabal installs
irbrc Double quotes Use rbenv-default-gems
nethackrc bye bingo
pryrc Use pry!
psqlrc shut up, psql
pythonstartup Add python settings
rspec Always run specs in random order
tmux.conf Change tmux status line colors
vimrc Add `:RunLine` vim function
zshenv Auto-connect to tmux sessions
zshrc Add docker setup


These are my dotfiles: ~/.*


  • ZSH. To change your default shell to ZSH: chsh -s $(which zsh) $USER
  • Homebrew.


$ ./

Interesting Bits

My ZSH prompt is fairly well documented, and is self-contained: you can copy it into your dotfiles with no changes to test it out. It's in zsh/prompt.zsh.

Nice to have

These don't relate to my dotfiles at all, but I keep forgetting to install them on new machines.

Plugin-specific settings and mappings

For plugin-specific settings, check out the rcplugins directory.

Any Questions?

I'm happy to answer questions about these dotfiles. Hit me up @gabebw.

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