Rust implementation of the termbox library
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Rustbox is a Rust implementation of termbox.

Currently, this is just a wrapper of the C library by nsf, though my plan is to convert it to be a pure Rust implementation and remove the requirement on the C library.

The original implementation of this was inspired by Aaron Pribadi, so big props to him for the original work.

NOTE This is under development, and the APIs may change as I figure out more how Rust works and as the language itself changes



In your Cargo.toml add the following:

rustbox = "*"

You can also use the current git version by instead adding:

git = ""

Then, in your src/

extern crate rustbox;

use std::error::Error;
use std::default::Default;

use rustbox::{Color, RustBox};
use rustbox::Key;

fn main() {
    let rustbox = match RustBox::init(Default::default()) {
        Result::Ok(v) => v,
        Result::Err(e) => panic!("{}", e),

    rustbox.print(1, 1, rustbox::RB_BOLD, Color::White, Color::Black, "Hello, world!");
    rustbox.print(1, 3, rustbox::RB_BOLD, Color::White, Color::Black,
                  "Press 'q' to quit.");
    loop {
        match rustbox.poll_event(false) {
            Ok(rustbox::Event::KeyEvent(key)) => {
                match key {
                    Key::Char('q') => { break; }
                    _ => { }
            Err(e) => panic!("{}", e.description()),
            _ => { }

NOTE: this example can also be run with cargo run --example hello-world.

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