A web server written in bash
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bashttpd is a basic web server.


  1. bash, any recent version should work
  2. socat or netcat to handle the underlying sockets (I.e., 'socat TCP4-LISTEN:8080 EXEC:/usr/local/bin/bashttpd.sh', or 'netcat -lp 8080 -e ./bashttpd.sh')
  3. A healthy dose of insanity


  1. Serves text and HTML files
  2. Shows directory listings

Limitations (PATCHES WELCOME!):

  1. Cannot yet serve files - we just need a way to encode files correctly on the command line. Any suggestions?
  2. Does not support authentication


  1. No input filtering yet.

HTTP protocol support: 403: Returned when a directory is not listable, or a file is not readable 400: Returned when the first word of the first line is not GET 200: Returned with valid content Content-type: Bashttpd uses /usr/bin/file to determine the MIME type to sent to the browser 1.0: The server doesn't support Host: headers or other HTTP/1.1 features - it barely supports HTTP/1.0!

I believe it is possible to have a fairly complete HTTP server written in shell, and I welcome any patches to it!