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Visualize your repos: Navigate the myriad of Gource configuration options

Various Gource configuration options and how to tweak them to make Gource work better for your repo.

Presentation Logistics

About Dawn Foster

Getting Started

Install Gource and run it on your repo with the default options

gource /path/to/your/repo


Run Gource with many more configuration options (see details below).

Small Repository with Light Activity

gource -f --logo images/bitergia_logo_sm.png --title "MailingListStats AKA mlstats" 
--key --start-date '2014-01-01' --user-image-dir images -a 1 -s .05 --path ../MailingListStats

Gource Configuration Options


  • --path /path/to/repo (or omit and run Gource from the top level of the repo dir)

Display options:

  • -f show full screen
  • --logo images/bitergia_logo_sm.png
  • --title "MailingListStats AKA mlstats"
  • --key (shows color key for file types)
  • --start-date '2014-05-01'
  • --user-image-dir images (Directory with .jpg or .png images of users 'Full Name.png' for avatars)

Speed up repos with less activity:

  • -a 1 (auto skip to next entry if nothing happens in x seconds - default 3)
  • -s .05 (speed in seconds per day - default 10)

While Gource is running:

  • Space bar to pause
  • Ctrl + / - to speed up or slow down
  • Use arrow keys to move camera
  • Mouse over timeline widget at the bottom and click on a date to move in time.

Recording Gource Videos

For large repos, Gource can take a while to start the visualization while it parses the logs. In this case, you might want to record it as a video to show people or upload online. There are instructions and examples on the Gource wiki. Keep in mind that recording the video can take a long time. I didn't time it, but it took 5-10 minutes on my MacBook Air to record a 31 second video.

The Gource video for this demo was generated using this command:

gource -f --logo images/bitergia_logo_sm.png --title "MailingListStats AKA mlstats" 
--key --start-date '2014-01-01' --user-image-dir images -a 1 -s .05 
--path ../MailingListStats -o - | ffmpeg -y -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec 
libx264 -preset ultrafast -pix_fmt yuv420p -crf 1 -threads 0 -bf 0 gource.mp4

More Info about Gource

More info about Gource, including downloads and information about installation. You can also look at the presentation I did about Gource at the FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting in Portland in July 2015 on using the Gource custom log format option.

I recommend playing around with the different controls to speed things up / slow down or show / hide things to get something that looks good with your data. Most of this information can be found using gource -H, but the control page on the wiki and the Gource README has more details about the controls. You might also check out these [templates] ( with recommended configurations for different types of data (large projects, long-lived projects, etc.)

You can also check out Gourciferous for visualizing multiple repos in a single visualization using the custom log format.


Gource Demo for the January 2016 FLOSS Community Metrics meeting in Brussels


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