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Documentation codesprint November 2019

François Prunayre edited this page Nov 25, 2019 · 21 revisions



Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 November 2019


  • Jo Cook
  • Francois Prunayre
  • Terry Curran
  • Jeff Campbell
  • Byron Cochrane
  • Paul van Genuchten
  • Víctor Olaya
  • Anyone else ?


  1. Writing doc (
  2. Building doc - remove redundant information (move to the doc and add a link in the README to that new page)
  3. Link application & doc
  4. Priority topics (
  5. Write/Improve doc

Sprint progress


.. deprecated:: 3.8.0
     Use :ref:`portal-configuration` instead.


The following organizations have provided funding or in-kind contributions towards this activity.

  • BRGM
  • Astun Technology
  • titellus
  • GeoCat

If you are interested in financially supporting this activity via OSGeoo: PayPal Donation or Sponsorship is appropriate. The OSGeo treasurer can provide invoice for your records.

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