Sublime Text plugin for IoT development based in PlatformIO ecosystem (Arduino IDE)
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English | Español


Sublime theme used: Boxy

Deviot is a plugin inspired in stino, it's compatible with Sublime Text 3 and uses the PlatformIO ecosystem, which supports more than 450 boards.


  • 450+ Embedded Boards, thanks to PlatformIO, Deviot can handle a lot of boards!
  • Library Manager, find, install and remove any Library
  • OTA Upload Sends your firmware Over The Air to any espressif board
  • PlatformIO Terminal, if you love the CLI and know PlatformIO CLI, this is for you.
  • Serial Monitor, display and Send data through a serial port
  • Quick Search, all Deviot features at one step
  • Snippets, code quickly with this shortcuts. Read more
  • Colored Output Console, easier to understand the compilation/upload process
  • Multi-Language, choose the available language that best suits you

Want to learn more? See the wiki →.


Deviot is available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Russian
  • French (Incomplete)
  • Italian (Incomplete)
  • Polish (Incomplete)
  • Korean (Incomplete)

If you want to contribute and translate it to your language, use this template or any other language file as reference. (Languages availables)

You should let the msgid as is, and paste your translated string in msgstr. When you finish it pull a request with the new file. The file should be called in the ISO 639*1 format (two letters) and with the extension .lang

Thanks to

  • PlatformIO: Ivan Kravets
  • English Translation: @thinkyhead, @dpeters19
  • Korean Translation: @gro
  • Chinese Translation: @chkb123456, loong
  • French Translation: @Alnoa, @TrakJohnson
  • Italian Translation @davide-dv, @avivace
  • Polish Translation @jacek-c
  • Portuguese Translation @alexandrefernandesjs
  • German Translation @CSchoch
  • Russian @r4dd
  • Code Contributor: @goolic, @thinkyhead


Support the open source!. If you liked this plugin, and you want to make a contribution to continue its development, do it through this link. If you have any problems, or want to contact me:


Copyright 2015-2018 GEPD

Deviot is licensed with the permissive Apache 2.0 licence. It means that you can use it personal or commercially, free of charge.

Read the full Licence file.