Sublime Text plugin for IoT development
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Deviot is a plugin based on stino for Sublime Text 3. It uses the PlatformIO ecosystem, which supports more than 270 boards.


• Colored Output Console

More legibility to read error(s) in your code.

Colored Console

• Quick Search

An easy way to search more than 270 boards

Quick Search

Full board list

• Library Search

Library manager to search, install or remove your libraries easily

Library Search

Read about private libraries

• Snippets


All the snippets availables


At this moment OTA is only available in Espressif development platform (ESP8266).


• PlatformIO

  • If you have used PlatformIO CLI, you can compile your sketches as always.
  • If you come from Arduino/Genuino IDE, don't worry. Deviot will not modify the structure of your files.



Remember to choose Add python.exe to Path when you install python in Windows.

Install Python

  1. Install Python 2
  2. Using package control, search for and install Deviot from the list.
  3. Wait for the plugin to finish installing

Install Deviot

Using the plugin

The first time you run the program, you will be prompted to select your board

Deviot Preview

  1. Write your code
  2. Build and upload your code
  3. Done!


Deviot is available in English, Spanish, French (Incomplete), Korean (Incomplete), and ** Chinese**

If you want to contribute and translate it to your language, use this template or any other language file as reference. (Languages availables)

You should let the msgid as is, and paste your translated string in msgstr. When you finish it pull a request with the new file. The file should be called in the ISO 639*1 format (two letters) and with the extension .lang

Thanks to

  • PlatformIO: Ivan Kravets
  • Korean Translation: @gro
  • Chinese Translation: @chkb123456, loong
  • French Translation: @Alnoa
  • Code Contributor: @goolic


If you liked this plugin, and you want to make a contribution to continue its development, do it through this link. If you have any problems, or want to contact me:


Copyright 2015-2016 GEPD

Deviot is licensed with the permissive Apache 2.0 licence. It means that you can use it personal or commercially, free of charge.

Read the full Licence file.