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Sentry SDK for Rust

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This workspace contains various crates that provide support for logging events and errors / panics to the Sentry error logging service.

  • sentry

    The main sentry crate aimed at application users that want to log events to sentry.

  • sentry-actix

    An integration for the actix-web (3.0+) framework.

  • sentry-anyhow

    An integration for anyhow errors.

  • sentry-backtrace

    A utility crate that creates and processes backtraces.

  • sentry-contexts

    An integration that provides os, device and rust contexts.

  • sentry-core

    The core of sentry, which can be used to instrument code, and to write integrations that generate events or hook into event processing.

  • sentry-debug-images

    An integration that adds a list of loaded libraries to events.

  • sentry-log

    An integration for the log and env_logger crate.

  • sentry-panic

    An integration for capturing and logging panics.

  • sentry-slog

    An integration for the slog crate.

  • sentry-tracing

    An integration for the tracing crate.

  • sentry-types

    Contains types for the Sentry v7 protocol as well as other common types.

Note: Until the 1.0 release, the crates in this repository are considered work in progress and do not follow semver semantics. Between minor releases, we might occasionally introduce breaking changes while we are exploring the best API and adding new features.


We currently only verify this crate against a recent version of Sentry hosted on but it should work with on-prem Sentry versions 20.6 and later.

The Minimum Supported Rust Version is currently at 1.73.0. The Sentry crates tries to support a 6 months old Rust version at time of release, and the MSRV will be increased in accordance with its dependencies.