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A curated list of awesome Lisp Machine and Lisp Operating System
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Awesome Lisp Machine

A curated list of awesome Lisp Machine and Lisp Operating System stuff.


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Table of Contents

Lisp Machine

  • History - History of Symbolics Lisp Machines.
  • Museum - Symbolics Lisp Machine Museum.
  • Museum - Symbolics Lisp Machine Museum.
  • Repository - Repository for various lisp machine related projects.
  • Resurrecting - Resurrecting the MIT CADR.
  • PilMCU - The Lisp Machine on a Chip.
  • Manual - Lisp Machine Manual (1984).
  • Architecture - Architecture of LISP Machines.
  • Story - A Story about Symbolics Lisp Machines.
  • Links - Lisp/Lisp Machine Links.
  • Links - About LISP Machines.
  • DIY - Dick Tracy Wrist-Mounted Lisp Machine.
  • What is a Lisp machine - What is a Lisp machine and what is so great about them?
  • Scheme Machine - The Scheme Machine.
  • K-machine - Lisp Machine Inc. K-machine.

Lisp Operating System

  • About LispOS - what a LispOS.
  • Specification of LispOS - Specification of a Lisp operating system.
  • Mezzano - An operating system written in Common Lisp.
  • PilOS - PilOS that runs picolisp.
  • Yalo - Lisp OS running on bare metal x86-64 hardware.
  • 3L - The 3L project is building an computing system from the ground up to be secure, private, safe, and extensible.
  • ChrysaLisp - Parallel OS, with GUI, Terminal, OO Assembler, Class libraries, C-Script compiler, Lisp interpreter.
  • ECMAchine - Lisp-based in-browser toy operating system.
  • Losak - ffLisp based operating system for general purpose computer architectures.
  • LispOS - An operating system written in, but especially inspired by Common Lisp and its interactive environment.
  • Flisp - A Scheme-like Lisp interpreter that can also run as an operating system.
  • Lispix - A Lisp interpreter and operating system.
  • LOS-64 - Small LISP-1 OS for x86-64 written in C, asm and Common Lisp.
  • Lambda Lisp operating system - This repository is for tracking issues in and changes to the LMI Lambda operating system software.
  • Links - Lisp-based OSes.
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