The Giant Swarm command line interface
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gsctl - The Giant Swarm CLI

gsctl is the cross-platform command line utility to manage your Kubernetes clusters at Giant Swarm.


Call gsctl without any arguments to get an overview on commands. Some usage examples:

Log in using your Giant Swarm credentials

$ gsctl login -e <giant-swarm-api-endpoint>
Password for at <giant-swarm-api-endpoint>:
Successfully logged in!

Show your clusters

$ gsctl list clusters
ID     NAME                CREATED                 ORGANIZATION
9gxjo  Production Cluster  2016 Apr 30, 15:43 UTC  acme
xl8t1  Staging Cluster     2017 May 11, 09:30 UTC  acme

Create a cluster

$ gsctl create cluster --owner acme --name "Test Cluster" --num-workers 5
Requesting new cluster for organization 'acme'
New cluster with ID 'h8d0j' is launching.

More in the docs

Configure kubectl to access a cluster

$ gsctl create kubeconfig -c h8d0j
Creating new key pair…
New key pair created with ID 153a93201… and expiry of 720 hours
Certificate and key files written to:
Switched to kubectl context 'giantswarm-xl8t1'

kubectl is set up. Check it using this command:

    kubectl cluster-info

Whenever you want to switch to using this context:

    kubectl config use-context giantswarm-xl8t1


See the gsctl reference docs


See the gsctl reference docs


See Releases


See docs/


We welcome contributions! Please read our additional information on how to contribute for details.

Publishing a Release

See docs/