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Open new tab here

A simple Chrome extension to open a new tab next to the one you’re viewing, via a button or a keyboard shortcut.

Install it at

By default, Chrome will only open a new tab at the very end of the row of tabs, which isn’t always what you want. This is a quick shortcut to open a new tab to the right of the one you’re currently viewing.

You can either use the button to the right of the address bar, or a configurable keyboard shortcut. The default keyboard shortcut is:

  • For Windows & Linux: Alt + T
  • For macOS: Ctrl + T

There is also a shortcut to open the new tab in the background instead of switching to it straight away:

  • For Windows & Linux: Alt + Shift + T
  • For macOS: Ctrl + Shift + T

You can change these shortcuts by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts.