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This open source repository contains the standard CodeQL libraries and queries that power LGTM and the other CodeQL products that GitHub makes available to its customers worldwide. For the queries, libraries, and extractor that power Go analysis, visit the CodeQL for Go repository.

How do I learn CodeQL and run queries?

There is extensive documentation on getting started with writing CodeQL. You can use the interactive query console on or the CodeQL for Visual Studio Code extension to try out your queries on any open source project that's currently being analyzed.


We welcome contributions to our standard library and standard checks. Do you have an idea for a new check, or how to improve an existing query? Then please go ahead and open a pull request! Before you do, though, please take the time to read our contributing guidelines. You can also consult our style guides to learn how to format your code for consistency and clarity, how to write query metadata, and how to write query help documentation for your query.


The code in this repository is licensed under the MIT License by GitHub.

Visual Studio Code integration

If you use Visual Studio Code to work in this repository, there are a few integration features to make development easier.

CodeQL for Visual Studio Code

You can install the CodeQL for Visual Studio Code extension to get syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, and code navigation for the QL language, as well as unit test support for testing CodeQL libraries and queries.


The .vscode/tasks.json file defines custom tasks specific to working in this repository. To invoke one of these tasks, select the Terminal | Run Task... menu option, and then select the desired task from the dropdown. You can also invoke the Tasks: Run Task command from the command palette.


CodeQL: the libraries and queries that power security researchers around the world, as well as code scanning in GitHub Advanced Security (code scanning),, and LGTM Enterprise




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