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Binaries for the CodeQL CLI
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This repo holds binaries for the CodeQL CLI.

CodeQL overview | CodeQL CLI Documentation

Getting started

  1. Go to the Releases page.
  2. Find the latest release, select Assets, and download the zip file containing the CLI.
  3. You'll also want to clone to get the CodeQL queries and libraries. Please take note of the set-up instructions for placing it in a location where the CLI can find it.
  4. Read the rest of the CodeQL CLI documentation.


By downloading, you agree to the GitHub CodeQL Terms & Conditions.

GitHub CodeQL can only be used on codebases that are released under an OSI-approved open source license, or to perform academic research. It can't be used to generate CodeQL databases for or during automated analysis, continuous integration or continuous delivery, whether as part of normal software engineering processes or otherwise. For these uses, contact the sales team.

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