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General purpose MySQL tools by GitHub Engineering
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General purpose MySQL tools by GitHub Engineering

General notes

This repository publishes tools created and used by GitHub's Database Infrastructure team. These will be small tools/scripts/configs that we use internally at GitHub.

To be able to publish these tools, we strip out GitHub-specific code (e.g. integration with our chatops, monitoring etc.). We publish the tools "as is", under the MIT license, and without support. At this time we do not expect to maintain the tools on this repository, though we may periodically update them based on internal development.

The tools


Move MySQL back in time, decontaminate or un-split brain a MySQL server, restore it into replication chain.

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Project status

This project is archived to indicate that it is not open to contributions. We expect to be updating it from time to time. We may be open to contributions at some point in the future.




This project is released under the MIT LICENSE.

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