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Rust crate for interfacing with the IPFS API
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Rust IPFS API Client

A client library for the IPFS API.

This library allows you to use the local IPFS daemon from Rust.


ipfsapi = "0.2"


Reading a file from IPFS

Here's an example that gets the contents of a file from IPFS and displays it.

let api = IpfsApi::new("", 5001);

let bytes ="QmWATWQ7fVPP2EFGu71UkfnqhYXDYH566qy47CnJDgvs8u").unwrap();
let data = String::from_utf8(bytes.collect()).unwrap();

println!("{}", data);

The code gets the content of the IPFS hash and displays "Hello World".

Subsribing to messages on IPFS Pubsub

let api = IpfsApi::new("", 5001);

let messages = api.pubsub_subscribe("chat").unwrap();

for message in messages {
    println!("{:?}", message);

Implemented Functionality

  • Getting file contents from IPFS (cat)
  • Pubsub
  • IPNS publish and resolve
  • Object/Hash stats (size, etc.)
  • Version information of the daemon
  • Pinning and unpinning files
  • Shut down IPFS daemon
  • Get and put blocks
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