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Using git-cinnabar on Windows has been tested on the master branch and adjustments were done so that it works properly in all the tested environments.

However, the "native" helper was not compiled in any of those environments.

MSys2 64-bits

Install git, mercurial, and python:

$ pacman -S git mercurial python

Then put git-cinnabar's directory in the PATH environment variable and you're all set.

MSys2 32-bits

The setup is the same as for MSys2 64-bits, but doesn't work out of the box:

$ git clone hg::
Cloning into 'hg'...
      5 [main] python2.7 1584 child_info_fork::abort: address space needed by 'cPickle.dll' (0x390000) is already occupied

Open an explorer window in the directory MSys2 is installed, and enter the usr\bin subdirectory. From there, open ash. In the command prompt this opens, run the following command:

$ /usr/bin/rebaseall

After that, using git-cinnabar should work.

MozillaBuild and Git for Windows

Note: Git for Windows 32-bits already performs /usr/bin/rebaseall as part of its installation, therefore the MSys2 32-bits issue mentioned above does not apply.

Assuming MozillaBuild is installed in c:\mozilla-build and Git for Windows in c:\Program Files\Git:

When using the Git bash shell, set your PATH environment variable as follows:

$ PATH="$PATH:/c/mozilla-build/python:/path/to/git-cinnabar"

Note that cloning mozilla-central requires a lot of memory. If you encounter MemoryError, try to upgrade git-cinnabar to version 0.5.0b1. If that is not enough, try to use a 64-bit python instead.

This will use python from MozillaBuild, since the MSys2 environment that comes with Git for Windows doesn't contain one. You can then use git-cinnabar normally.

When using the MozillaBuild shell, set your PATH environment variable as follows:

$ PATH="$PATH:/c/Program Files/Git/bin:/path/to/git-cinnabar"

Additionally, you'll need to set the GIT_SSH environment variable:

$ export GIT_SSH=/bin/ssh

The latter is required because Git for Windows prepends its MSys2 directories to the PATH environment variable, and its ssh then ends up being used. Which is a problem because for some reason it fails to get to the terminal for passphrases and password prompts. Setting GIT_SSH as above forces to use MozillaBuild's.

The MSys environment from MozillaBuild, however, will munge urls in the form hg::proto://host/path such that commands like git clone will fail.

To allow such setups to still work, hg:// urls are supported. But since mercurial can be on many different protocols, we abuse the port in the given url to pass the protocol.

A hg:// url thus looks like:


The default protocol is https, and the port can be omitted.








becomes (awkward)



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