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Godot demo projects

Each folder containing a project.godot file is a demo project meant to be used with Godot Engine, the open source 2D and 3D game engine.

Godot versions

  • The master branch is compatible with Godot's master development branch (next 4.x release).
  • The 3.x branch is compatible with Godot's 3.x development branch (next 3.x release).
  • The other branches are compatible with the matching stable versions of Godot:
    • 4.2 branch for Godot 4.2.x.
    • 4.1 branch for Godot 4.1.x.
    • 4.0 branch for Godot 4.0.x.
    • 3.5 branch for Godot 3.5.x.
    • 3.4 branch for Godot 3.4.x.
    • 3.3 branch for Godot 3.3.x.
    • 3.2 branch for Godot 3.2.x.
    • 3.1 branch for Godot 3.1.x.
    • 3.0 branch for Godot 3.0.x.
    • 2.1 branch for Godot 2.1.x.

Importing all demos

To import all demos at once in the project manager:

  • Clone this repository or download a ZIP archive.
    • If you've downloaded a ZIP archive, extract it somewhere.
  • Open the Godot project manager and click the Scan button on the right.
  • Choose the path to the folder containing all demos.
  • All demos should now appear in the project manager.

Try the demos in your browser

Most of the demos are exported to GitHub Pages. They can be viewed here.

Note: The performance of Godot in a browser is lower than natively on desktop. For the best performance, consider downloading the demos.

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Those demos are distributed under the terms of the MIT license, as described in the file.