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Godot developtment tools for VSCode
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A complete set of tools to code games with the Godot game engine in Visual Studio Code.


The extension comes with a wealth of features to make your Godot programming experience as comfortable as possible:

  • Syntax highlighting for the GDscript (.gd) language
  • Syntax highlighting for the .tscn and .tres scene formats
  • Function definitions and documentation display on hover (see image below)
  • Rich auto-completion
  • Static code validation
  • Open projects and scenes in Godot from VS Code
  • Ctrl-click on a variable or method call to jump to its definition
  • Full documentation of the Godot engine's API supported

Showing the documentation on hover feature

Available Commands

The extension adds a few entries to the VS Code Command Palette under "GodotTools":

  • Update workspace symbols
  • Run workspace as Godot project
  • Open workspace with Godot editor
  • Run current scene



If you like this extension, you can set VS Code as your default script editor for Godot by following these steps:

  1. Open editor settings
  2. Select Text Editor / External
  3. Make sure the Use External Editor box is checked
  4. Fill Exec Path with the path to your VS Code executable
  5. Fill Exec Flags with {project} --goto {file}:{line}:{col}

VS Code

You can use the following settings to configure Godot Tools:

  • GodotTools.godotVersion - The Godot version of your project.
  • GodotTools.editorPath - The absolute path to the Godot executable. Required to run the project and test scenes directly from VS Code.
  • GodotTools.workspaceDocumentWithMarkdown - Control how the documentation of workspace symbols should be rendered: as plain text or as HTML from Markdown.
  • GodotTools.ignoreIndentedVars - Only parse variables defined on lines without an indentation.
  • GodotTools.parseTextScene - Parse a file as a Godot scene when the file name ends with .tscn.
  • GodotTools.completeNodePath - Show node paths within a workspace as part of code completion.
  • GodotTools.godotProjectRoot - Your Godot project's directory, which contains project.godot or engine.cfg.

Issues and Contributions

The Godot Tools extension and engine modules are both hosted on GitHub. Feel free to open issues there and create pull requests anytime.

See the full changelog for the latest changes.


Why isn't Intellisense showing up for me?

Make sure you save your .gd file, then run "GodotTools: Update Workspace Symbols" from the Command Palette.


  • Convert official BBCode documentation into Markdown and render it into HTML with documentation previewer pages
  • Add mermaid support with documentation
  • Undefined variable checking
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