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mainthread PkgGoDev mainthread

schedule functions to run on the main thread

import ""


  • Main thread scheduling
  • Schedule functions without memory allocation

API Usage

Package mainthread offers facilities to schedule functions on the main thread. To use this package properly, one must call mainthread.Init from the main package. For example:

package main

import ""

func main() { mainthread.Init(fn) }

// fn is the actual main function
func fn() {
	// ... do stuff ...

	// mainthread.Call returns when f1 returns. Note that if f1 blocks
	// it will also block the execution of any subsequent calls on the
	// main thread.

	// ... do stuff ...

	// mainthread.Go returns immediately and f2 is scheduled to be
	// executed in the future.

	// ... do stuff ...

func f1() { ... }
func f2() { ... }

If the given function triggers a panic, and called via mainthread.Call, then the panic will be propagated to the same goroutine. One can capture that panic, when possible:

defer func() {
	if r := recover(); r != nil {

mainthread.Call(func() { ... }) // if panic

If the given function triggers a panic, and called via mainthread.Go, then the panic will be cached internally, until a call to the Error() method:

mainthread.Go(func() { ... }) // if panics

// ... do stuff ...

if err := mainthread.Error(); err != nil { // can be captured here.

Note that a panic happens before mainthread.Error() returning the panicked error. If one needs to guarantee mainthread.Error() indeed captured the panic, a dummy function can be used as synchornization:

mainthread.Go(func() { panic("die") })	// if panics
mainthread.Call(func() {}) 				// for execution synchronization
err := mainthread.Error()				// err must be non-nil

It is possible to cache up to a maximum of 42 panicked errors. More errors are ignored.

When do you need this package?

Read this to learn more about the design purpose of this package:

Who is using this package?

The initial purpose of building this package is to support writing graphical applications in Go. To know projects that are using this package, check our wiki page.


MIT | Β© 2021 The Initiative Authors, written by Changkun Ou.