net/http: support Cookie "SameSite" attribute #15867

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hkeide commented Jun 4, 2016

Since this is already supported in Chrome 51, and it won't be in Go for a while yet, here is a simple workaround (tested to work in Chrome 51):

cs := w.Header().Get("Set-Cookie")
cs += "; SameSite=lax"
w.Header().Set("Set-Cookie", cs)
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This seems trivial, but it also seems like we should wait until there's more web consensus. Chrome can pull or modify support, but our Go 1 compatibility promise is stronger. It would be unfortunate if we added a SameSite bool field to net/http.Cookie and then they renamed it yet again before it became fully standardized.


SameSite would probably need to be an const (Strict, Lax).

Would it make sense to serialize Cookie.Unparsed into the cookie string? Then I can just set Unparsed: []string {"SameSite=Strict"},.

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Cookie security #3525

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