testing: are T.Run and B.Run safe for concurrent use? #18603

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tombergan commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

I do not see any documentation specifying if T.Run is safe for concurrent use. I see the following doc for testing.T, which does not mention T.Run:

A test ends when its Test function returns or calls any of the methods FailNow, Fatal, Fatalf, SkipNow, Skip, or Skipf. Those methods, as well as the Parallel method, must be called only from the goroutine running the Test function.

The other reporting methods, such as the variations of Log and Error, may be called simultaneously from multiple goroutines.

There is a similar doc for testing.B.

I ask because I believe T.Run was safe for concurrent use in go 1.7. Then, this line was added in go 1.8, which made T.Run no longer safe for concurrent use. I don't particularly care whether T.Run is safe for concurrent use, but I think the semantics should be clarified.

Optimistically labeling this go1.8.

/cc @dsnet

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dsnet commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

If T.Run was safe concurrently in Go1.7, even if it was ambiguous whether it should be, it's worth considering whether it should continue to be concurrent safe in Go1.8.

\cc @mpvl

(moving to Go1.8Maybe; I don't think this is a release blocker at this point)

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rsc commented Jan 18, 2017

Not sure whether @mpvl is around. Sent https://go-review.googlesource.com/35354.
/cc @bradfitz


CL https://golang.org/cl/35354 mentions this issue.

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@rsc @dsnet rsc + dsnet testing: make parallel t.Run safe again
Fixes #18603.

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Reviewed-on: https://go-review.googlesource.com/35354
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