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net: LookupHost is returning odd values and crashing net tests #2

agl opened this issue Nov 11, 2009 · 6 comments


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commented Nov 11, 2009


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commented Nov 11, 2009

Comment 1:

Workaround: edit src/pkg/Makefile and add net to the NOTEST list.

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commented Nov 11, 2009

Comment 2:

This issue was closed by revision 484f46d.

Status changed to Fixed.

Merged into issue #-.

@agl agl added fixed labels Nov 11, 2009

minux added a commit to minux/goios that referenced this issue Dec 10, 2014

runtime/cgo: fix unaligned tlsbase pointer.
According to disassembly of /usr/lib/dyld:
2fe17060        ee1d1f70        mrc     15, 0, r1, cr13, cr0, {3}
2fe17064        e3c11003        bic     r1, r1, golang#3      ; 0x3
2fe17068        e0810100        add     r0, r1, r0, lsl golang#2
2fe1706c        e5900000        ldr     r0, [r0]
2fe17070        e12fff1e        bx      lr
the result from mrc might not be properly aligned, I don't know why.

@bradfitz bradfitz added the packagebug label Dec 17, 2014


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commented May 4, 2015

CL mentions this issue.

aclements added a commit that referenced this issue May 6, 2015

runtime: use heap scan size as estimate of GC scan work
Currently, the GC uses a moving average of recent scan work ratios to
estimate the total scan work required by this cycle. This is in turn
used to compute how much scan work should be done by mutators when
they allocate in order to perform all expected scan work by the time
the allocated heap reaches the heap goal.

However, our current scan work estimate can be arbitrarily wrong if
the heap topography changes significantly from one cycle to the
next. For example, in the go1 benchmarks, at the beginning of each
benchmark, the heap is dominated by a 256MB no-scan object, so the GC
learns that the scan density of the heap is very low. In benchmarks
that then rapidly allocate pointer-dense objects, by the time of the
next GC cycle, our estimate of the scan work can be too low by a large
factor. This in turn lets the mutator allocate faster than the GC can
collect, allowing it to get arbitrarily far ahead of the scan work
estimate, which leads to very long GC cycles with very little mutator
assist that can overshoot the heap goal by large margins. This is
particularly easy to demonstrate with BinaryTree17:

$ GODEBUG=gctrace=1 ./go1.test -test.bench BinaryTree17
gc #1 @0.017s 2%: 0+0+0+0+0 ms clock, 0+0+0+0/0/0+0 ms cpu, 4->262->262 MB, 4 MB goal, 1 P
gc #2 @0.026s 3%: 0+0+0+0+0 ms clock, 0+0+0+0/0/0+0 ms cpu, 262->262->262 MB, 524 MB goal, 1 P
testing: warning: no tests to run
BenchmarkBinaryTree17	gc #3 @1.906s 0%: 0+0+0+0+7 ms clock, 0+0+0+0/0/0+7 ms cpu, 325->325->287 MB, 325 MB goal, 1 P (forced)
gc #4 @12.203s 20%: 0+0+0+10067+10 ms clock, 0+0+0+0/2523/852+10 ms cpu, 430->2092->1950 MB, 574 MB goal, 1 P
       1       9150447353 ns/op

Change this estimate to instead use the *current* scannable heap
size. This has the advantage of being based solely on the current
state of the heap, not on past densities or reachable heap sizes, so
it isn't susceptible to falling behind during these sorts of phase
changes. This is strictly an over-estimate, but it's better to
over-estimate and get more assist than necessary than it is to
under-estimate and potentially spiral out of control. Experiments with
scaling this estimate back showed no obvious benefit for mutator
utilization, heap size, or assist time.

This new estimate has little effect for most benchmarks, including
most go1 benchmarks, x/benchmarks, and the 6g benchmark. It has a huge
effect for benchmarks that triggered the bad pacer behavior:

name                   old mean              new mean              delta
BinaryTree17            10.0s × (1.00,1.00)    3.5s × (0.98,1.01)  -64.93% (p=0.000)
Fannkuch11              2.74s × (1.00,1.01)   2.65s × (1.00,1.00)   -3.52% (p=0.000)
FmtFprintfEmpty        56.4ns × (0.99,1.00)  57.8ns × (1.00,1.01)   +2.43% (p=0.000)
FmtFprintfString        187ns × (0.99,1.00)   185ns × (0.99,1.01)   -1.19% (p=0.010)
FmtFprintfInt           184ns × (1.00,1.00)   183ns × (1.00,1.00)  (no variance)
FmtFprintfIntInt        321ns × (1.00,1.00)   315ns × (1.00,1.00)   -1.80% (p=0.000)
FmtFprintfPrefixedInt   266ns × (1.00,1.00)   263ns × (1.00,1.00)   -1.22% (p=0.000)
FmtFprintfFloat         353ns × (1.00,1.00)   353ns × (1.00,1.00)   -0.13% (p=0.035)
FmtManyArgs            1.21µs × (1.00,1.00)  1.19µs × (1.00,1.00)   -1.33% (p=0.000)
GobDecode              9.69ms × (1.00,1.00)  9.59ms × (1.00,1.00)   -1.07% (p=0.000)
GobEncode              7.89ms × (0.99,1.01)  7.74ms × (1.00,1.00)   -1.92% (p=0.000)
Gzip                    391ms × (1.00,1.00)   392ms × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.522)
Gunzip                 97.1ms × (1.00,1.00)  97.0ms × (1.00,1.00)   -0.10% (p=0.000)
HTTPClientServer       55.7µs × (0.99,1.01)  56.7µs × (0.99,1.01)   +1.81% (p=0.001)
JSONEncode             19.1ms × (1.00,1.00)  19.0ms × (1.00,1.00)   -0.85% (p=0.000)
JSONDecode             66.8ms × (1.00,1.00)  66.9ms × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.288)
Mandelbrot200          4.13ms × (1.00,1.00)  4.12ms × (1.00,1.00)   -0.08% (p=0.000)
GoParse                3.97ms × (1.00,1.01)  4.01ms × (1.00,1.00)   +0.99% (p=0.000)
RegexpMatchEasy0_32     114ns × (1.00,1.00)   115ns × (0.99,1.00)     ~    (p=0.070)
RegexpMatchEasy0_1K     376ns × (1.00,1.00)   376ns × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.900)
RegexpMatchEasy1_32    94.9ns × (1.00,1.00)  96.3ns × (1.00,1.01)   +1.53% (p=0.001)
RegexpMatchEasy1_1K     568ns × (1.00,1.00)   567ns × (1.00,1.00)   -0.22% (p=0.001)
RegexpMatchMedium_32    159ns × (1.00,1.00)   159ns × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.178)
RegexpMatchMedium_1K   46.4µs × (1.00,1.00)  46.6µs × (1.00,1.00)   +0.29% (p=0.000)
RegexpMatchHard_32     2.37µs × (1.00,1.00)  2.37µs × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.722)
RegexpMatchHard_1K     71.1µs × (1.00,1.00)  71.2µs × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.229)
Revcomp                 565ms × (1.00,1.00)   562ms × (1.00,1.00)   -0.52% (p=0.000)
Template               81.0ms × (1.00,1.00)  80.2ms × (1.00,1.00)   -0.97% (p=0.000)
TimeParse               380ns × (1.00,1.00)   380ns × (1.00,1.00)     ~    (p=0.148)
TimeFormat              405ns × (0.99,1.00)   385ns × (0.99,1.00)   -5.00% (p=0.000)

Change-Id: I11274158bf3affaf62662e02de7af12d5fb789e4
Reviewed-by: Russ Cox <>
Run-TryBot: Austin Clements <>

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commented Jul 31, 2015

CL mentions this issue.

mk0x9 pushed a commit to mk0x9/go that referenced this issue Jul 31, 2015

cmd/go: fix disallow of p/vendor/x during vendor experiment
The percolation of errors upward in the load process could
drop errors, meaning that a build tree could, depending on the
processing order, import the same directory as both "p/vendor/x"
and as "x". That's not supposed to be allowed. But then, worse,
the build would generate two jobs for building that directory,
which would use the same work space and overwrite each other's files,
leading to very strange failures.

Two fixes:

1. Fix the propagation of errors upward (prefer errors over success).
2. Check explicitly for duplicated packages before starting a build.

New test for golang#1.
Since golang#2 can't happen, tested golang#2 by hand after reverting fix for golang#1.

Fixes golang#11913.

Change-Id: I6d2fc65f93b8fb5f3b263ace8d5f68d803a2ae5c
Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>

@mikioh mikioh changed the title LookupHost is returning odd values and crashing net tests net: LookupHost is returning odd values and crashing net tests Jul 31, 2015

@mikioh mikioh added this to the Go1 milestone Jul 31, 2015


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commented Aug 7, 2015

CL mentions this issue.


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commented Oct 26, 2017

Change mentions this issue: Import of scratch PR

This issue was closed.

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