cmd/cgo: panic if C.CString can't allocate memory #3403

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alberts commented Mar 26, 2012

Please provide any additional information below.

C.CString currently just returns nil if it can't malloc. Maybe it should panic. After Go

rsc commented Mar 26, 2012

Comment 1:

Not sure about this.  C.malloc is an ordinary function, so it's 
hard to make that one panic.  It's difficult to see why C.CString
should be different.
FWIW, you're on Linux so it will never happen anyway.

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alberts commented Mar 27, 2012

Comment 2:

Just to check, what will never happen? malloc returning ENOMEM?

rsc commented Mar 27, 2012

Comment 3:

Yes, Linux overallocates VM, so seeing a NULL from malloc or strdup is
very very rare.

alberts commented Mar 27, 2012

Comment 4:

With /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory set to 2 or with a memory controller cgroup, this
picture changes a little.

rsc commented Jul 30, 2013

Comment 5:

OS X may force us into handling C.malloc specially, because it changed
the argument from size_t to ulong in the XCode for 10.9 Mavericks.
If so, maybe it makes sense for both C.malloc and C.CString to panic
when out of memory.

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rsc commented Sep 11, 2013

Comment 6:

Status changed to Started.


rsc commented Sep 11, 2013

Comment 7:

This issue was closed by revision 397ba2c.

Status changed to Fixed.

Comment 8 by ralph.corderoy:

The definition of Cmalloc,
assumes a NULL return from malloc() means it's out of memory, but NULL is a 
valid return for malloc(0).  Perhaps Cmalloc will never be called for zero 
bytes of memory and this isn't an issue, but I thought it worth checking.  If
Cmalloc(0) isn't possible, a comment to that affect would stop future readers

rsc commented Sep 15, 2013

Comment 9:

Thank you for the reminder; how quickly we forget. 
Filed issue #6390

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