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go/internal/srcimporter: failure in TestImportStdLib and TestImportCgo with exit status 1 on linux-s390x-ibm #52407

bcmills opened this issue Apr 18, 2022 · 5 comments


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bcmills commented Apr 18, 2022

--- FAIL: TestImportStdLib (2.14s)
    srcimporter_test.go:36: import "archive/tar" failed (type-checking package "archive/tar" failed (/data/golang/workdir/go/src/archive/tar/stat_unix.go:11:2: could not import os/user (exit status 1)))
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "archive/zip": 44.571294ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "bufio": 357.155µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "bytes": 472.582µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/addr2line": 361.821005ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/api": 220.883209ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/asm/internal/arch": 255.379371ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/asm/internal/asm": 25.790491ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/asm/internal/flags": 67.964µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/asm/internal/lex": 193.852µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/asm": 5.145132ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/buildid": 15.045351ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/cgo": 51.580322ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/abi": 72.605405ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/amd64": 390.41801ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/arm": 12.544434ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/arm64": 11.0452ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/base": 272.965µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/bitvec": 56.585µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/deadcode": 1.86738ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/devirtualize": 2.402334ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/dwarfgen": 9.907358ms
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/escape": 360.027µs
    srcimporter_test.go:40: import "cmd/compile/internal/gc": 221.270011ms
    srcimporter_test.go:49: testing time used up
    srcimporter_test.go:95: tested 24 imports
--- FAIL: TestCgo (0.09s)
    srcimporter_test.go:249: Import failed: exit status 1
FAIL	go/internal/srcimporter	2.310s

greplogs --dashboard -md -l -e 'FAIL: Test(?:ImportStdLib|Cgo) .*(?:\n .*)exit status 1' --since=2022-01-01 --omit=.\*-n2d


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bcmills commented Apr 18, 2022

At the very least, that error message needs to be improved to explain what exited with exit status 1.

The type checking package … failed error appears to come from here:;l=154;drc=c0158b6a00eaecbd28ded0f66e65b9985f6db078

That implies that (*go/types.Config).Check) returned the error in question.
Tracing it down a few more steps:;l=411;drc=master;l=308;drc=master;l=317;drc=master
...and now the origin of the error is obfuscated by the use of panic and recover for error-handling. 😩

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bcmills commented Apr 18, 2022

OTOH, I don't see any use of os/exec in go/types or its dependencies.
That suggests that the error is coming from the (*srcimporter).Importer itself, which is injected into the type-checker here:;l=127;drc=c0158b6a00eaecbd28ded0f66e65b9985f6db078

And, indeed, it has the potential to return a raw exec.ExitError in at least two places:;l=228;drc=master;l=240;drc=master

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bcmills commented Apr 18, 2022

I suspect that this particular failure mode is due to a platform or cgo bug on the linux-s390x builder (#52408), but we ought to fix the srcimporter error messages either way.

@bcmills bcmills self-assigned this Apr 18, 2022
@bcmills bcmills added the NeedsFix label Apr 18, 2022
@bcmills bcmills added this to the Go1.19 milestone Apr 18, 2022
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gopherbot commented Apr 18, 2022

Change mentions this issue: go/internal/srcimporter: add context to cgo errors

gopherbot pushed a commit that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2022
An error message like "could not import os/user (exit status 1)"
(observed in is fairly inscrutable.

On the other hand, srcimporter doesn't report errors with quite enough
structure to dump the entire stderr output from 'go tool cgo' without
potentially overwhelming the caller. Here, we split the difference by
describing which command failed but not printing the output of that

For #52407, that would at least provide a stronger clue connecting
to #52408.

Change-Id: Iabdc95b17ba20a0f6ff38e5c7084e5081e1ef5e8
Run-TryBot: Bryan Mills <>
Reviewed-by: Matthew Dempsky <>
Auto-Submit: Bryan Mills <>
TryBot-Result: Gopher Robot <>
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jonathan-albrecht-ibm commented May 27, 2022

I should have closed this earlier. It was the same issue as #52408. Reinstalling the gcc-c++ and related packages at the correct versions on the builder fixed this issue back on Apr 18.

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