Serverless PaaS , A new generation of easy-to-use cloud management platforms based on kubernetes.
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Rainbond is an application-centric Platform as a Service, with innovative concept and complete ecological comes from continuous verification and optimization.

By integrating best practices of Kubernetes based containers management, Service Mesh microservice architecture, CI/CD and multiple data center resource management, Rainbond provides full life-cycle management of cloud native applications, connects application and infrastructure, application and application, infrastructure and infrastructure.

Choose Rainbond for the same reasons disruptive companies do: it serve as a easy-to-use cloud native application delivery platform that offers agile development, efficient operation and lean management experience.


  • Kubernetes scheduling system intergated
  • Application-centric product definition
  • As the basic system to build the cloud native datacenter
  • Supports multiple microservice architecture (Spring Cloud, Dubbo and api gateway)
  • Native microservice governance (service discovery, dynamic routing, limiting and fuse) based on extendable Service Mesh
  • Business-level application performance analysis supports multiple types protocols (HTTP, Mysql, PostgreSQL)
  • Build applications from source codeS (Java, PHP, Python, Golang, Ruby, etc.)
  • Continuous build and deployment from private and public git repositories
  • Quick application build with container image, docker-run command and docker-compose
  • Support application group full backup and recovery, migration of application groups across tenants or across data centers.
  • Pluggable data center supports various types of load balancing, SDN networks, various types of storage systems development
  • Application plug-in system support, flexible extension of application ancillary functions, such as log processing, firewall, traffic analysis, etc
  • Public and private application market with complete application sharing mechanism
  • Multiple data center and across data center application deployment
  • The management node (platform service) HA available.
  • Cluster automatic operation and maintenance, monitoring multidimensional indicators.
  • Provide complete business solution cloud delivery process.

Quick Start

  1. Install Rainbond
  2. Create First Application
  3. Build Microservice Architecture



Read the Roadmap.

Console UI show

  • Source code creation application process

  • Business application group topology diagram,The network topology, applied relational topology and real-time monitoring are shown here.


You can participate in the contributions of platforms, applications, and plugins within the Rainbond community. Rainbond Contributor community


Rainbond Community Rainbond Web


Rainbond is under the LGPL-3.0 license, see LICENSE and Licensing for details.


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