Python wrapper for the GitLab API
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Python GitLab

python-gitlab is a Python package providing access to the GitLab server API.

It supports the v3 api of GitLab, and provides a CLI tool (gitlab).



python-gitlab depends on:

Install with pip

pip install python-gitlab

Bug reports

Please report bugs and feature requests at


The full documentation for CLI and API is available on readthedocs.


You can contribute to the project in multiple ways:

  • Write documentation
  • Implement features
  • Fix bugs
  • Add unit and functional tests
  • Everything else you can think of

Provide your patches as github pull requests. Thanks!

Running unit tests

Before submitting a pull request make sure that the tests still succeed with your change. Unit tests will run using the travis service and passing tests are mandatory.

You need to install tox to run unit tests and documentation builds:

# run the unit tests for python 2/3, and the pep8 tests:

# run tests in one environment only:
tox -epy35

# build the documentation, the result will be generated in
# build/sphinx/html/
tox -edocs

Running integration tests

Two scripts run tests against a running gitlab instance, using a docker container. You need to have docker installed on the test machine, and your user must have the correct permissions to talk to the docker daemon.

To run these tests:

# run the CLI tests:

# run the python API tests:

You can also build a test environment using the following command:


A freshly configured gitlab container will be available at http://localhost:8080 (login root / password 5iveL!fe). A configuration for python-gitlab will be written in /tmp/python-gitlab.cfg.

To cleanup the environment delete the container:

docker rm -f gitlab-test