A Python 3 implementation built on GraalVM
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Graal/Truffle-based implementation of Python

GraalVM provides an early-stage experimental implementation of Python. A primary goal is to support SciPy and its constituent libraries. This Python implementation currently aims to be compatible with Python 3.7, but it is a long way from there, and it is very likely that any Python program that requires any imports at all will hit something unsupported. At this point, the Python implementation is made available for experimentation and curious end-users.

Trying it

To try it, you can use the bundled releases from www.graalvm.org. For more information and some examples of what you can do with it, check out the reference.


This Graal/Truffle-based implementation of Python is copyright (c) 2017, 2018 Oracle and/or its affiliates and is made available to you under the terms the Universal Permissive License v 1.0 as shown at http://oss.oracle.com/licenses/upl. This implementation is in part derived from and contains additional code from 3rd parties, the copyrights and licensing of which is detailed in the LICENSE and 3rd_party_licenses.txt files.