@sam-m888 sam-m888 released this Apr 10, 2016 · 2032 commits to master since this release

Version 4.2.3, a new maintenance release, has been released.

Think on backup.


Changes since '4.2.2':

  • Creation of the "graphic calendar report" failed
  • Fix "TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment
  • Fix experienced an unexpected error
  • Unable to build narrated web site
  • [NarrativeWeb report] Places index and Media index are incorrectly sorted
  • Error when trying to create narrative report (residence event)
  • Fix filter set by default on selector, 'Show all' button
  • Detailed Ancestors Report has ? for locations when [private data is excluded]
  • Age in the event family view column is wrong.
  • Crash when dragging multiple media items to clipboard
  • vCal Export File format invalid
  • Error occurs for Complete Individual Report -- complete database
  • Narrated Web Site Report: places page is no longer sorted alphabetically
  • Narrative web: html elements emitted in different order
  • Narrative web: "errno: 1, operation is not permitted" when creating archive.
  • Narrative Web report further stops in error.
  • Fix multiple lines for firstname on gramps XML file via import or export
  • fix scrolling in persons view after typing some letters
  • Location on geography view could not convert string to float
  • setup.py: make typeout more accurate
  • Searching in people view when surnames are collapsed
  • Fix error when changing database in new locations gramplets
  • Error loading Participants add-on in French locale
  • Restores setting the stdout encoding to sys.getdefaultencoding() for Python3
  • Fix comment about getting the right encoding for stdout.
  • Date format does not match system.
  • Make US English a special-case locale, where en_GB is the default for english based locales
  • Enhance the Locations gramplet
  • New "Encloses" gramplet to the display places that the active place encloses
  • Individuals with incomplete names, not updated when name completed
  • Children gramplet in Family view does not get updated when a birth/death events are added to a child
  • Non-image media objects don't appear in the main window gallery.
  • Pressing tab stops at element in gui places
  • Double-clicking on a source in the citation gramplet causes exception
  • "Find text in record" filter crash
  • Fix vCard Export
  • Notes used in the "To Do" gramplet are found by the Remove Unused Objects tool
  • Unable to select Unicode
  • Cannot import gedcom generated by RootsMagic custom place details ignoring PlaceName()
  • Fix people sorted by surname view
  • Complete Report about person (whole database) - PDF - crash
  • Update for travis
  • Only consider the values of LC_ALL, LANG, and LANGUAGE, in that order, when choosing the default locale.
  • New Icelandic date and relationships handlers
  • Fix Finnish translation in keywords of desktop entry
  • Update translations: cs, de, el, fi, fr, hu, is, it, ru, sl, sv, uk