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Version 4.2.5, a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.


Changes since '4.2.4':

  • The configparser is assuming the wrong encoding
  • Sorting in family tab of narrated web report
  • Silence remaining PyGIWarning
  • Sorting of relationships in family tab of narrated web report
  • Use latest valid date rather than today
  • Modify endonym handling in place displayer
  • Fix house number concatenation
  • Allow merging of families with one or more parents in common
  • Jump to Gramps ID functionality doesn't work
  • Ability to search alternate place names when selecting place
  • Fix clear map action on Geography
  • Database repair tool always edit all source objects
  • Database repair tool ignored some objects with tag
  • "Enclosing" gramplet includes places outside valid date ranges
  • Fix icon and tooltip in LDS editor
  • CSV import fails
  • Fix duplicated Gramps IDs on Gedcom import
  • Unexpected error Preferences > Dates > Markup for invalid date format
  • Fix Import Vcard, can create multiple surnames with all selected as 'Primary'
  • Fix Gedcom import in some alternate languages; improper date parsing
  • Export options 'Preview' buttons create hidden quickreport
  • Alignment radio buttons in the style editor do not work
  • Select Place search & Source/Citation hierarchy should NOT be expanded
  • Tweak improvement on Tag editor
  • Support for Windows Python3 pythonw.exe
  • Wrong parsing Numeric date format for cs_CZ locale
  • Fix Icelandic and German translations
  • Fix Norwegian relationship calculator
  • Update translations: cs, de, fi, fr, hu, is, nb, ru