A set of Sake tasks to make developing with Git easier.
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Here are a few Sake tasks to make developing with Git easier (and some corresponding Git aliases to
make invoking them easier). Install them with:

$ rake install

Or, if you don’t want to actually download this stuff, just use Sake:

$ sake -i "http://github.com/eventualbuddha/sake-git/tree/master/git.rake?raw=true"

Common Commands

$ sake git:update

Updates your current git repository, autodetecting whether you have a regular ol’ git project or a
git-svn project. I recommend aliasing it git up.

$ sake git:push

Commits any changes in your current branch not yet pushed upstream and ports ’em over to master. I use git ci for this one.

$ sake git:open [NAME=mynewbranch]

Creates a new branch off master. Think of this as opening an issue, or a new path of development. I use git open for this one, allowing you to call it like so:

$ git open mynewbranch

You can even call it without the branch name and it’ll ask you for it:

$ git open
* Name your branch: mynewbranch
$ sake git:close [NAME=mynewbranch]

This is open’s brother, and should be used when you finish something and have already moved it to
master or upstream. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry – this won’t eat your data. Like open, this one I alias to git close.


Thanks to Coda Hale and everyone else at Wesabe for trying these out when I first wrote them and
contributing tasks of their own, and to the Rubinius folks for giving me the idea in the first place.