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  1. GraphQL is a query language and execution engine tied to any backend service.

    Shell 13.8k 1.1k

  2. graphql-wg Public

    Working group notes for GraphQL

    401 187

  3. graphql-js Public

    A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

    TypeScript 18.9k 2k

  4. graphiql Public

    GraphiQL & the GraphQL LSP Reference Ecosystem for building browser & IDE tools.

    TypeScript 13.7k 1.5k

  5. dataloader Public

    DataLoader is a generic utility to be used as part of your application's data fetching layer to provide a consistent API over various backends and reduce requests to those backends via batching and…

    JavaScript 11.5k 500

  6. foundation Public

    GraphQL Foundation Charter and Legal Documents

    81 22


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