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BBCode to HTML conversion, in PHP.
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BBCode to HTML conversion, in PHP7.

What is it?

This is a PHP include that can convert BBCode into safe HTML output.


  • UTF-8 aware
  • Replaces unsafe HTML characters (<, >, &,  ) with safe HTML entities (&lt;, &gt;, &amp;, &nbsp;)
  • Properly handles various bad input conditions, to ensure correcly closed tags and avoid malformed HTML
  • Public-domain (The Unlicense), just copy-paste into your own projects!

What does it support?

These BBCode tags are supported and converted to HTML equivalent:

  • [b], [i], [u], [s], [sub], [sup]
  • [color=X], [size=Y], [font color=X size=Y]
  • [quote] / [blockquote]
  • [pre] / [code]
  • [ol], [ul], [li] / [*]
  • [table], [tr], [th], [td]
  • [img][/img]
  • [url][/url] / [url=]Example URL[/url]

In addition, unsafe HTML characters are converted to safe HTML entities. Newlines are collapsed and translated as follows:

  • \r characters are stripped
  • Single \n: converted to \n<br>
  • Two or more sequential \n: converted to \n\n<p>

The resulting string is whitespace trimmed at beginning and end.


The common use case [quote author=X] is deliberately excluded, because formatting the result for presentation is implementation-dependent.


bbcode.php is the include file. Place it in the folder of your choice and then include_once 'bbcode.php';

test.php is a unit test file. You do not need this when deploying.


Open an issue if you find a bug. Send a pull request if you want to extend it. I especially like more unit tests, better attempts at catching malformed tags, performance and optimization features.

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