Quick setup for elixir and vim based off farazdagi's vim-go-ide
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Get started with Elixir development in minutes!

This repository is a modified version of farazdagi's original vim-go-ide

I simply modified some things for elixir development.

1. Install runtime:

git clone git@github.com:gregpardo/vim-elixir-ide.git ~/.vim_elixir_runtime
sh ~/.vim_elixir_runtime/bin/install

NOTE: You system's Vim configuration will NOT be changed i.e. it is safe to install.

2. Run your newly installed Vim configuration:

Remember that your system's Vim config files remain untouched? During installation .vimrc.elixir is created. Let's use it:

vim -u ~/.vimrc.elixir

And btw, nothing prevents you from creation of a handy alias in your .zshrc:

alias vimelixir='vim -u ~/.vimrc.elixir'

3. Mix tasks:

Included in the vim plugins is vim-mix. Commands are mapped as follows. The default leader key is ','.

,md - Mix command (runs default mix command)
,mc - Clean
,mm - Compile
,md - Mix list dependencies
,mdc - Mix dependency clean
,mdm - Mix dependency compile
,mdg - Mix dependency get
,mdu - Mix dependency update
,mt - Mix test

4. Color scheme support

You can use any supported colorscheme from this list

The default is molokai with dark background. To use a color scheme pass the scheme to the install command.

~/.vim_elixir_runtime/bin/install railscasts dark

5. End-result:


Yep, that's it!