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Code for the "Web programming in Rust" series and homework answers
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Rust for the web

Web programming in Rust

This Repo contains links to the article series "Web Programming in Rust" plus the code which is talked about. Feel free to share the code and tinker with it. If you have questions or want to stay up-to-date: Twitter, Medium and

  1. Intro to web programming in Rust for NodeJS developers (Medium |
  2. Web Programming in Rust - 2/x: Deploy your first App to Production (Medium |
  3. Web Programming in Rust - 3/x: Create a REST API (Medium |
  4. Web Programming in Rust - 4/x: Plug In Your Database
  5. Web Programming in Rust - 5/x: Generate and serve HTML templates
  6. Web Programming in Rust - 6/x: GitHub OAuth Flow
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