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This is yet another fork of the Playstation Emulator, PCSX. While the work here is very much in progress, the goal is roughly the following:

  • Bring the codebase to more up to date code standards.
  • Get rid of the plugin system and create a single monolithic codebase that handles all aspects of the playstation emulation.
  • Write everything on top of SDL/OpenGL3+/ImGui for portability and readability.
  • Improve the debugging experience.
  • Improve the rendering experience.


I used to contribute to the PCSX codebase. It is very likely that a sourceforge account of mine still has write access to the old cvs repository for PCSX. A long time ago, I contributed the telnet debugger, and the parallel port support. This means I am fairly familiar with this codebase, and I am also ashamed of the contributions I have done 15+ years ago, as one should.


When Sony released the Playstation mini recently, I came to realize two things: first, the state of the Playstation emulation isn't that great, and second, the only half-decent debugging tool still available for this console is that old telnet debugger I wrote eons ago, while other emulators out there for other consoles gained a lot of debugging superpowers. I think it was time for the Playstation emulation to get to better standards with regards to debuggability. I also felt I had a responsability to cleaning up some of the horrors I've introduced myself in the codebase long ago, and that made me cry a little looking at them. Hopefully, I got better at programming. Hopefully.


The codebase still requires a lot of cleanup, and the current product isn't usable yet.

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