Official Roadmap

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2015-01-25: The original developer (who has sole commit access) has put this project on hold indefinitely to focus on other things. See the wiki homepage for more info.


  • I'm currently devoting most of my time left over from my ordinary job to new kernel development.
  • As some of you know this project was born closed source as a mini-framework for writing satellite command line tools as part of a greater suite; (most of these were executable and used in scripts, dedicated host of specialized of HttpListener-based tiny server and small *nix daemons runned using Mono).
  • It's turned to OSS with MIT License from few months after it was created in 2005 as closed source project.
  • If you go to CodePlex, the first site that hosted this, you can see here the first release starting from 1.2 Beta of Jun 30 2007 (I don't remember, but it's possible that in those days I used to remove older releases).


  • The roadmap is not carved in the stone (but also not sketched in butter).
  • If something changes, expect me to update this document too.

Optional Reading


Some of these could proceed in parallel.

  • Kernel refactoring.
  • Tests refactoring
  • Legacy test will became our functional tests.
  • A new test project has been created to test/develop/document the new kernel.
  • Implement enhancements.
  • Public API simplification (if needed, I'll further study on it).
  • FSharp-friendly Public API Façade (currently under analysis).


  • Your opinions are welcome. If you want to say something that could be classified as an enhancement or you want to create a feature request, please use the GitHub issues tab. Otherwise see the Contacts section.
  • You can also ask me for clarifications on Roadmap steps.


  • If it fits in a tweet, I'm on Twitter as @gsscoder.
  • If it's too --verbose, write to gsscoder AT gmail DOT com; but please ping me via Twitter so that I know you wrote me an email.
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