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A rich text editor framework for the web platform, with patches for browser inconsistencies and sensible defaults.


Build Status Join the chat at https://gitter.im/guardian/scribe


For an introduction, you may want to read the blog post Inside the Guardian’s CMS: meet Scribe, an extensible rich text editor.

Please note: There is a lot of missing documentation for Scribe and many of its plugins. We plan to improve this, however in the meantime we encourage you to look at the code. Scribe is very small in comparison to other libraries of its kind.

You can join us on IRC at [#scribejs] on freenode, or via the Google Group.

See an example.

Scribe only actively supports a sub-set of browsers.


At the core of Scribe we have:


Scribe patches many browser inconsistencies in the native command API.


bower install scribe

Alternatively, you can access the distribution files through GitHub releases.

Usage Example

Scribe is an AMD module:

require(['scribe', 'scribe-plugin-blockquote-command', 'scribe-plugin-toolbar'],
  function (Scribe, scribePluginBlockquoteCommand, scribePluginToolbar) {
  var scribeElement = document.querySelector('.scribe');
  // Create an instance of Scribe
  var scribe = new Scribe(scribeElement);

  // Use some plugins
  var toolbarElement = document.querySelector('.toolbar');

You can see a live example here, or view the code here.

Also be sure to check the examples directory for an AMD syntax example as well as a CommonJS (browserify) example.


Enable/disable block element mode (enabled by default)
undo: { enabled: false }
Enable/disable Scribe's custom undo manager
Defines which command patches should be loaded by default
Defines which of Scribe's built-in plugins should be active
Defines which of Scribe's default formatters should be active

For detailed documentation see the wiki page on options.


A plugin is simply a function that receives Scribe as an argument:

function myPlugin(scribe) {}

A consumer can then use your plugin with Scribe.use:


Plugins may package whatever functionality you desire, and you are free to use native APIs to do so. However, you are required to wrap any DOM manipulation in a transaction, so that we can capture state changes for the history. For example:

function myPlugin(scribe) {
  scribe.transactionManager.run(function () {
    // Do some fancy DOM manipulation

Browser Support

Moved to the Github Wiki


Scribe has a rich plugin ecosystem that expands and customises what it can do.

See the wiki for a list of plugins and how to create new ones


See the wiki's FAQ