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See discussion on the parent project :


The comment is removed.

The question is... is the simple task we have here doing more harm than good? Do we leave it and just let people use it caveat emptor?

I'm leaning towards killing it because it doesn't encompass the nuance needed to leverage offline properly. Most of the rest of what we do here ends up with a best practice outcome. That is not necessarily the case with this task.


Agreed. I think we should kill it.

mklabs commented Apr 23, 2012

The appcache generation task is one of remaining task to implement in h5bp/node-build-script, I wonder if I should still try to implement the task or follow what get decided here.

necolas commented Apr 25, 2012

Yep, we should get rid of it and not bother including it in the node build script either.



@roblarsen roblarsen added a commit that closed this issue Apr 30, 2012
@roblarsen roblarsen Per discussion in the issue tracked spurred on by the decision at the…
… parent project, removed appcache generation. fixes #59
@roblarsen roblarsen closed this in 01c782b Apr 30, 2012
@mklabs mklabs referenced this issue in mklabs/node-build-script May 6, 2012

appcache generation #32

@bholtsclaw bholtsclaw added a commit to bholtsclaw/ant-build-script that referenced this issue Jun 9, 2012
@bholtsclaw bholtsclaw Merge remote-tracking branch 'h5bp/master'
* h5bp/master: (41 commits)
  Fixes #73. Surprised we didn't see this as an issue before. All better now.
  Fixed up -clean dependency. There is no longer any clean dependency :) Fixes #69. -clean now must be run manually. This needs documentation for the cases where people have been expecting clean every time.
  Update SASS project properties as per comments
  Added support for SASS (*.scss) files
  Updating jsdoc3 to latest version
  add jsdoc3 to tools folder
  add optional jsdoc3 task
  The single most important ant build script commit ever. a new task, ant hawterize. run it when you kick off a project and the selection color will be returned to its natural, beautiful, hot pink state.
  Add jshint / jslint configuration to file.default.exclude.
  Per discussion in the issue tracked spurred on by the decision at the parent project, removed appcache generation. fixes #59
  Don't copy empty directories to publish dir.
  Using woeye fork of less.js rhino compiler
  Corrected rel attribute in HTML for CSS when using LESS
  Tidied Less Script Removal Regex
  Moved config to project.properties and used comments to define less script removal.
  libs > vendor > libs (going around in circles.) I think this sorts it finally.
  Added option to compile LESS CSS
  one extra mention of "libs"
  Update config/default.properties
  Typo in comment with advice for old js-folder-structure in H5BP
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