The backend powering Hack Club.
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The backend powering Illustrated above.

CircleCI Skylight

Development Setup

Environment Variables

Create a file called .env. The following configuration options are available to set in it:

# Number of Rails threads to run per server instance. One database connection is
# made per thread (ex. if this is set to 5, then the database connection pool
# will hold 5 connections).

# Port to listen for HTTP requests on

# Environment to run Rails in (can be "development", "test", or "production")

# URL of Postgres instance to connect to. Rails will automatically connect to
# Docker Compose's instance of Postgres if this isn't set.

# API key for Google Maps geocoding API.
# You must also enable the timezone API in your Google Cloud account.
# Get a key from

# API key for Streak API. Must be an admin's key.

# Keys for application, club, leader, letter, and fundraising pipelines in Streak

# Name of team to put members of Hack Club into on Cloud9 & credentials for
# an account with access to that team.

# Keys for school and teacher outreach pipelines

# For Slack authentication

# For Slack invitation authentication ( (make sure this is an admin's legacy-token)

# For Slack stats authentication

# Default Slack team ID (probably going to be T0266FRGM, which is Hack Club's
# team)

# Secret code required when redeeming .tech domains

# The email of who to assign Streak tasks to

# Slack channel to mirror Hackbot interactions to

# Comma separated list of Slack user IDs that Hackbot should recognize as
# admins. User IDs can be from multiple Slack teams.

# Streak box to use for demo check-ins

# The API key for our giffing engine. Can be requested from,
# otherwise stealing the one from production will probably be find.

# Access token with all scopes enabled for the GitHub account to use as a bot.

# Credentials to a Stripe account

# A list of channel IDs (comma separated) of channels which should have all new messages deleted from them.

# Segment analytics

# SMTP settings for sending emails like application confirmations

# Auth Token used when receiving a POST request to create an Athul club

# HTTP auth to access Sidekiq's web interface

Build the container & install dependencies for runtime environment

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose run web bundle
$ docker-compose run web rails db:create db:setup

Run tests to ensure everything is working as expected:

$ docker-compose run web rails spec

Setting up the integrated Slack bot

  1. Create a new Slack app on Slack
  2. Create one (and only one) bot user and set "Always Show My Bot as Online" to "On"
  3. Click "Event Subscriptions" on the sidebar in the left and set the request URL to HOSTNAME/v1/hackbot/webhooks/events, replacing HOSTNAME with your actual hostname.
  4. Subscribe to the following bot events: message.channels,, message.groups, message.mpim
  5. Click "Interactive Messages" on the left sidebar and set the request URL to HOSTNAME/v1/hackbot/webhooks/interactive_messages, replacing HOSTNAME with your actual hostname.
  6. Manually go through the Oauth flow and POST code to /v1/hackbot/auth

Production Setup

Scheduled Jobs

This application depends on a few jobs running periodically in the background. Set this up using cron or a similar scheduler on your deployment of the application -- we use Heroku's scheduler in production.

  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_update_hackbot_slack_username_job hourly
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_record_slack_stats_job daily
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_activate_clubs_job daily
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_collect_projects_shipped_job daily
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_schedule_leader_check_ins_job daily
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_handle_spam_club_applications_job every 10 minutes
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_update_from_streak_job hourly
  • rails heroku_scheduler:queue_close_check_ins_job daily

Deployment on Heroku

We use Heroku for managing our deployment of this project and that brings along some special caveats. Specifically, we rely on multiple buildpacks.

Here are the buildpacks that need to be configured (they must be in the given order):

Refer to for instructions on configuring buildpacks.


We use Skylight to profile the performance of our backend in production. To use it, you must set SKYLIGHT_AUTHENTICATION in the environment to the value that Skylight gives you.