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Hackference Code of Conduct

You can view the completed code of conduct here

Code of Conduct template

This is an open source generic code of conduct template suitable for user groups or conferences.

Do not just copy and paste this code of conduct.

Please read the How to use section below to use this document as intended and to help provide a safer environment at your events.

How to use

Copying and pasting this template and announcing you "now have a code of conduct" is not how this template is intended to be used.

A Code of Conduct is an extremely serious and beneficial statement of your effort to provide a safe and welcoming environment at your events. Thus: the use of this template to build your code of conduct should be taken seriously and the lead organiser or chair of your event or usergroup should take the following steps:

This template

The best way to use this code of conduct template is to:

1. Fork or download this code of conduct template. 2. Using a terminal, navigate to the directory of this template. 3. Use the make run command to quickly replace the template tags with your specific content. 4. Read the code of conduct thoroughly and correct any mistakes or fix any content that may not be relevant to your event. 4. Add content to this code of conduct that may be relevant to your event. 5. Give this code of conduct to each organiser or staff member involved in running or helping to run your events. Ensure they are all aware of the policies and procedures within. 6. Publish your code of conduct on a dedicated web page and provide url links on all associated web pages for your event. 7. Ensure attendees are aware of the code of conduct by an announcement through appropriate channels (email, social media.)

At your event

1. Hold a staff meeting before the even begins and on each subsequent day that the event continues and explain the purpose of the code of conduct to the staff members. All the staff should have read and be aware of the code of conduct. Quiz them if you feel like they may not know. 2. At the beginning of the event ensure an announcement is made to the congregated attendees of the code of conduct existence and policies. 3. Provide attendees with copies or url link to the code of conduct.

Template tags

These are tags within the code of conduct that can be quickly replaced with the make run command or by using a search and replace tool:

  • {{ name }} - the name of the event or user group.
  • {{description }} - the description of the event or user group.
  • {{ type }} - the type of event, such as a meet up or a conference.
  • {{ contact_name }} - the contact name of the organiser.
  • {{ contact_number }} - the contact number of the organiser.
  • {{ second_contact_name }} - the contact name of the second organiser.
  • {{ second_contact_number }} - the contact number of the second organiser.
  • {{ law_enforcement_number }} - the local law enforcement phone number.


I made this for LondonAPI, a user group that I run. I was inspired by the PyCon 2013 code of conduct, the Django code of conduct and the work done by the Ada Initiative


An open source Code of Conduct template for user groups and small conferences




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