basic vim/terraform integration
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Call For Maintainers

This plugin, along with others like it, is now maintained by the HashiVim organization, which is looking for additional maintainers and contributors. See the HashiVim home page for further information.

Overview: vim-terraform

This plugin adds a :Terraform command that runs terraform, with tab completion of subcommands. It also sets up *.tf, *.tfvars, and *.tfstate files to be highlighted as HCL, HCL, and JSON respectively.


With pathogen.vim just do:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

If you prefer to use something besides pathogen, go ahead.


Allow vim-terraform to override your .vimrc indentation syntax for matching files. Defaults to 0 which is off.

let g:terraform_align=1

ALlow vim-terraform to automatically fold (hide until unfolded) sections of terraform code. Defaults to 0 which is off.

let g:terraform_fold_sections=1

Allow vim-terraform to re-map the spacebar to fold/unfold. This works in conjunction with let g:terraform_fold_sections=1 which should be enabled if you plan to use this feature. Defaults to 0 which is off.

let g:terraform_remap_spacebar=1

Override the Vim's commentstring setting with a custom value. Defaults to #%s. Example:

let g:terraform_commentstring='//%s'

Allow vim-terraform to automatically format *.tf and *.tfvars files with terraform fmt. You can also do this manually with the :TerraformFmt command.

let g:terraform_fmt_on_save=1

Updating vim-terraform

Note, this is only for maintainers of the vim-terraform project.

When a new version of Terraform drops, you can run the following where x.x.x is a version such as 0.11.0

./ x.x.x

At this point, add the modified files to a git branch and open a pull request.

git checkout -b "feature/update-to-terraform-$VERSION"
git add $FILE
git commit -m "Message about update"
git push

Add another maintainer to the pull request and await confirmation.

Running tests

To run the test suite and verify functionality



Syntax highlighting and indentation by Kevin Le (@bkad) based on prior work by Larry Gilbert (@L2G). The rest originally written by Mark Cornick and contributors listed below. Licensed under the ISC license.

Thanks to the following contributors:

  • michael j talarczyk (@mijit)
  • Koji Nakayama (@knakayama)
  • Kris (@kostecky)
  • Okumura Takahiro (@hfm)
  • Paul Forman (@pforman)
  • Lowe Schmidt (@lsc)

The :TerraformFmt command is adapted from vim-hclfmt.

This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.