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Thanks for taking the time to play Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne. If you encounter any bugs while playing the game, please make sure to report them

#Basic Controls

##Default Button Mapping

UP = 'up',
DOWN = 'down',
LEFT = 'left',
RIGHT = 'right',
SELECT = 's',
START = 'escape',
JUMP = ' ', (space)
ATTACK = 'a',

##Going Through Doors All doors are accessible using INTERACT when you are touching the door, though some doors are locked without the right key.

Depending on the level, other controls can be used:

  • In 2D levels like the hallway all doors can be accessed by pressing UP
  • In 2.5D levels like the tavern, doors can be accessed by pressing the appropriate directional key.

Note: Doors that have a green arrow above it are accessible, such as this. Doors without an arrow above it are not accessible, such as this.

###Keys Certain areas of the game are only accessible by finding keys in the same or other levels.

  • Currently, you can only access Greendale by finding the Greendale Key in the Throne Room.
  • The last door in The Black Caverns is locked by the Black Caverns key which can be found in the upper section of the level.
  • The Black Caverns also contains a White Crystal key which grants you access to the Castle level.

All doors can be unlocked by the Master Key (hidden).

To use a key, go to the locked door or treasure chest you want to open while the key is in your inventory. Press UP OR INTERACT to open the door or treasure chest. If you want to collect the item inside a treasure chest, press INTERACT again to pick it up.

Picking Up Items

Press INTERACT when you are touching an item to add it to your inventory. Items include rocks, sticks, leaves, bones, ice crystals, embers, and the Season One DVD of Lost, among others.

Using the Inventory

Press SELECT to open and close your inventory. Moving LEFT and RIGHT switches between pages, while moving UP and DOWN scrolls through a page.

Inventory Tooltip

When in the inventory, press JUMP to view information and statistics about the currently selected item.

Dropping Items

Press INTERACT with your inventory open to drop the currently selected item.

##Selecting a Weapon

  • Select the desired weapon in your inventory and press ATTACK


  • Hold UP and press SELECT

##Dequipping a Weapon

  • Select an empty weapon slot in the inventory and press ATTACK


  • hold DOWN and press SELECT

##Throwing Held Objects

Some items, like baseballs and pots, are held when you pick them up instead of being added to your inventory.

Press ATTACK when holding an object to throw it.

##Dropping Held Objects Press ATTACK + DOWN when holding an object to drop it.

##Dropping Through Platforms Quickly press DOWN twice to drop through a platform.

NOTE: There are some platforms you cannot fall through.

Camera Controls

Holding DOWN will pan the camera down, and holding UP will pan the camera up.


If you are standing on a breakable block, you can destroy it by holding DOWN and pressing ATTACK with no weapon equipped.

#Crafting ##Basic Items

  • Open the inventory by pressing SELECT
  • Press RIGHT until you reach the materials page
  • Select the first item by moving to it and pressing ATTACK, opening the crafting annex
  • Select a second item the same way
  • Move to the previewed item in the crafting annex and press ATTACK to craft
  • Press right to navigate to the weapons page and ATTACK to select it
  • Press SELECT to exit the inventory
  • Press ATTACK to use the weapon

Andrew Jewer posted a nice video showing how to craft weapons.

###Basic Recipes

  • stick + stick = club
  • stick + rock = throwing knife
  • rock + rock = stone
  • stone + stick = throwing axe
  • stone + stone = boulder
  • stick + leaf = arrow
  • ember + leaf = fire
  • fire + stick = torch
  • bone + bone = boneclub
  • bone + ice crystal = throwing icicle

##Potion Crafting

  • Go to the potions lab in town (Hint: It is behind a crooked masterpiece)
  • Make sure you have some ingredients in your inventory
  • Approach the cauldron and press INTERACT
  • Select 'Yes' at the prompt and press JUMP to open the crafting window
  • Use RIGHT and LEFT to add or remove ingredients from the cauldron
  • Press JUMP to brew the potion, or START to cancel

###Potion Recipes

  • Blue potion - Jump boost
    • 1 stick, 1 rock, 1 arm
  • Green potion - Invulnerable
    • 1 stick, 1 rock, 1 banana
  • Orange potion - Speed Boost
    • 1 stick, 1 rock, 1 duck
  • Purple potion - Punch Damage Incrase
    • 1 stick, 1 rock, 1 eye
  • Red potion - Health
    • 2 eyes, 1 arm, 2 frogs, 4 stars
  • White potion - Greater Health
    • 1 stick, 1 rock, 1 peanut
  • Yellow potion - Money
    • 1 stick, 1 rock, 1 star



Press START to get to the pause screen then press


If done correctly you will hear a cool noise and get sent to a gamestate that has a keyboard.

Navigate the keyboard using the arrows keys to move your selection and ATTACK to type letters. JUMP will backspace if you make a mistake.Type in your desired cheat and select the enter button or press SELECT

Current Cheats

  • spacetime toggles God mode

  • pop pop toggles super jumping

  • go abed go toggles super speed

  • slide toggles slide attack

  • hello rich people gives 10,000 coins

  • seacrest hulk gives max health

  • greendale is where i belong gives the player the Greendale key.

  • use respect gives all weapons

  • this is more complex gives all crafting materials

  • i want tbd gives all scrolls

  • no no juice gives all potions

  • zombie gives all consumables

  • hubble bubble gives all ingredients

  • can i fry that gives all fryable items

  • chang level unlocks all levels

  • dan harmon gives player the master key

##Play Baseball with Cornelius NOTE: You need the Greendale Key!

  • Start the game in the Studyroom
  • Enter the Hallway level where the hippies are
  • Take the door to the far left to go to Greendale-Exterior
  • Walk to the left until you reach the Luis Guzman statue
  • In the bushes' opening just left of the statue press INTERACT

##Jump on the Trampoline NOTE: You need the Greendale Key!

  • Start the game in the Studyroom
  • Enter the Hallway level where the hippies are
  • Take the door to the far left to go to Greendale-Exterior
  • Walk to the left until you reach the Luis Guzman statue
  • In the bushes' opening between the bench and the golf cart press INTERACT

To do a double bounce, press JUMP right as you are about to hit the trampoline.