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External Controllers

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This page is for accumulating instructions on how to set up different external controllers to work with Hawkthorne (and your computer in general). It will spend most of, if not all of its life, full of holes that only experience can fill in, so try to make those holes obvious, and hopefully that will encourage people to fill in the blanks.

USB NES Controller

Available via ThinkGeek and elsewhere, this handy USB device looks and feels like a traditional NES controller, but works with modern systems and games. Theoretically, it should just act like a USB keyboard from your system's point of view, and work immediately without having to install any drivers, but this should probably be confirmed by somebody on this wiki.

Windows Instructions

TODO: Fill me in

OS X Instructions

TODO: Fill me in

Linux Instructions

Still working out some issues, not least of all being a glitchy X axis, but so far I've made progress thanks to the following instructions. Those are not really up to date, though, so I'll copy out the parts that are still relevant. All testing is via Ubuntu.

  1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install jstest jstest-gtk
  2. Find out what your device path is with ls /dev/input/js*. It will probably be /dev/input/js0, unless you have other joystick devices plugged in already.
  3. jstest-gtk /dev/input/js0, substituting the correct device path if necessary. Calibrate your controller.
  4. That's as far as I've got so far, I need to do some looking around in the Hawkthorne codebase to see why the game is not responding to any joystick events.


The controller for the Wii (original, not Wii-U). These communicate via bluetooth and their control scheme is mostly NES plus a few buttons, though you have to hold it sideways. Should work with any machine that supports bluetooth, though it may take some fiddling and additional software, and a bluetooth adapter for computers that don't come with a built-in chip for that.

Windows Instructions

Follow these instructions and you can play with the wiimote either upright (one handed)or sideways (two handed). Guide to customising the code is also included.

OS X Instructions

Use DarwiinRemote.

NOTE: OSX Mountain Lion users - DarwiinRemote is currently broken for Mountain Lion, and the maintainer doesn't seem to be actively maintaining the project. The problem has been fixed though in this alternate build

Here is a screenshot of a working DarwiinRemote configuration for Hawkthorne

Linux Instructions

Follow these instructions.

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