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A command line tool/utility to quickly create JS abstractions for your Ethereum Smart contracts. Wasabi creates JS objects that allow you to easily deploy and interact with Ethereum Smart contracts. Read more about why I built Wasabi

Getting started

Install wasabi globally.

npm install eth-wasabi -g

Quick start tutorial

Building and Deploying contracts with Wasabi

Note: This demo is using v0.0.5. Starting v0.0.6 wasabi does not use global variables for contract objects. All contract objects are now located under a global Wasabi namespace. Example: Wasabi.Greeter.


Create a new project in a directory. Creates directories for contracts, config and app.

wasabi init


Wasabi can be configured to use an account on the RPC OR provide a private_key to sign contract deployment transactions locally. Local signing is helpful when using Infura or other public RPC nodes. If a private_key is provided, the from address will be ignored, and wasabi will perform client side signing for deployment transactions.

    // http endpoint for JSON RPC e.g. http://localhost:8545
    "host": "http://localhost:8545",
    // Maximum gas budget for a contract
    "max_gas": "100000000",
    // Deploy contract from address
    "from": "0x00000000000000000000",
    // Use private key to sign transactions in wasabi
    //"private_key": "YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY",
    // Path to contract files
    "contracts": ["contracts/SimpleStorage.sol"]


Complile solidity contracts listed in config and compile check for errors. Wasabi uses 'solc' for copiling solidity contracts.

wasabi compile


Deploy solidity contracts through the RPC node provided in config.

wasabi deploy

Developing Dapps

On successful wasabi deploy, the contract address and ABI are made available in app/contracts.json. A scaffolded JS in also available in app/wasabi.js, which can be used in Dapps to populate web3 contracts instances using contracts.json.


Run a http server running at http://localhost:8888 hosting static files in the app directory to test your Dapp.

wasabi serve

Note: Wasabi is being used for my personal projects to understand JSON RPC interactions essentional for a fully function Dapp. All the features are built to serve my own desperate needs. If you'd love to do something, feel free to go crazy with nice and descriptive issues, feature requests or pull requests.


A tiny deployment tool for Smart Contracts on Ethereum





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