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This repository contains the source files and documentation for the Components & Design Patterns used to design and build digital services for the HMRC Tax Platform.

It provides additional styles on top of the GOV.UK styles.

Quick Start


To install multiple versions of Node.js, you may find it easier to use a node version manager:


Clone this repository and install its dependencies:

$ git clone
$ cd assets-frontend
$ npm install


The Design System:

  1. Run npm start
  2. Assets are then available at http://localhost:9032/assets/v4-SNAPSHOT/...
  3. The Design System is available at http://localhost:9034/

The Component Library [DEPRECATED]

  1. Run npm run build:all
  2. Assets are then available at http://localhost:9032/assets/v3-SNAPSHOT/...
  3. The Component Library is available at http://localhost:9033/


Using assets locally


For now, the quickest and simplest way to add assets-frontend to your prototype is to grab the built CSS and JS from production.

Just replace <VERSION> in the links below with the released version you want to use (we recommend using the latest).

If your prototype is based on the GOV.UK prototype kit then do the following:


Save the file found at<VERSION>/stylesheets/application.min.css to /app/assets/sass/assets-frontend.css.

And add the following to app/views/includes/head.html:

<link href="/public/stylesheets/assets-frontend.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


Save the file found at<VERSION>/javascripts/application.min.js to /app/assets/javascripts/assets-frontend.js

And add the following to app/views/includes/head.html

<script src="/public/javascripts/assets-frontend.js"></script>


If your frontend is based on init-service, then you just need to make sure the configuration for assets in the application.conf file has the line version = ${?ASSETS_FRONTEND_VERSION} after declaring the actual version.

Once it has, you just need to set an environment variable before running your frontend:


If you’re using service-manager, please read the service manager guidance in the Wiki.

Using assets in production

Running npm run release calls the release gulp task and this happens on our internal Jenkins instances.

The final step of our internal release pipeline is to version and deploy the compiled assets to

Releasing assets for use in production is currently a process owned by the Service Design Tools team.

If you’d like a new version of assets-frontend released, please get in touch with us in the #team-sdt Slack channel.

HMRC Design System

The HMRC Design System can be viewed here.

For detailed information on how the HMRC Design System works, please read the Design System page in the Wiki.

Component Library - [DEPRECATED]

🚨 The Component Library has been deprecated in favour of the HMRC Design System.🚨

If your service relies on a component or pattern that doesn’t appear in the HMRC Design System then please follow the Design System contribution guidelines.

For detailed information on how the Component Library works, please read the Component Library guidance in the Wiki.


Design Patterns

For details on how to contribute Design Patterns, please take a few minutes to review our Design Pattern standards and contribution process before you submit your request, otherwise it may be rejected.

Features and issues

If you’ve spotted an issue or thought of a feature that you’d like to contribute to assets-frontend, please take a few minutes to review our contribution process and guidelines for Assets Frontend before you submit your request, otherwise it may be rejected.


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.